Don't let issues with your roof get in the way of your business!

Don't let issues with your roof get in the way of your business!

Commercial Roofing Repair Services in Granbury, TX

The commercial roof repair team at A+ Construction & Roofing will work with property managers, multi-facility owners, building owners and business owners of all kinds to find and implement the best possible solution for their commercial roofing system.

We service Granbury, TX and the surrounding areas to ensure your commercial roof is repaired in a timely manner.

Common Issues with Commercial Roofs

The skilled team at A+ Construction & Roofing is able to diagnose the issue with your commercial roof, as well as explain to you the best way to fix it. We provide photos of the damage so you informed of the process from the beginning. Some common issues with commercial roofs in the Granbury, TX area are:

  • Holes and punctures in the roof membrane can be repaired by patching the existing holes and punctures with new material.

  • Open seams occur when the commercial roofing system is too old or wasn't installed properly to begin with. A+ Construction & Roofing can repair your commercial roof by adhering material to patch the open seams.

  • Pooling water on the roof system happens when there is inadequate roof drainage and/or the roof drains are clogged. We will inspect to see if your commercial roof just needs removal of debris & unclogging of the drains, or if there is other damage that needs to be fixed to prevent future pooling.

  • This is a very common roof defect on flat commercial roofs that happens as roofs get old. We can repair this by cutting out weakened caulking and installing new sealant. The workers at A+ Construction & Roofing are skilled at finding deteriorating caulking and removing it without damaging any other roofing materials.

Cal A+ Construction & Roofing today for a free estimate on your commercial roof repairs. We service Granbury, TX and surrounding areas.